Eva-Kristin Urestad Pedersen is my name but I go by Eva.  I’ve done so many things in my 35-year long life that summarising them here doesn’t really make sense. I don’t want to keep you. One of the things I’ve done a lot of, is writing. Writing for work, writing for pleasure, or both. I used to write a lot more but essentially I used to write about politics. Then, at some point, some time back, I ran out of fuel. I don’t believe in neutral writing, I never pretended to write neutrally, and I don’t think anyone can give a truly neutral account of event, somehow, your interpretation will always be coloured by your own belief in how things should be. Not that neutral writing is something to aim for, anyway. I think it’s boring. It’s just that, speaking of politics, I somehow lost my belief in how I used to think things should be. I gave up believing and so I stopped having an opinion. Without an opinion, because I have no interest in neutral accounts, it was pointless to keep on writing.

This, on the other hand, is an art blog. Art is not a new field to me, it’s always been with me, a counterpart to duties at work or the seriousness of world politics, or both, or just a relief when the going got rough, as it sometimes does. I’ve also written about art before (I’ll even admit that I’ve ued some of my old articles to populate the blog in the beginning). Eventually I decided I liked art so much that I wanted to work with it, so I decided to organise an art exhibition, something you can read about on my site, sorlandsydland.com.

Working with the exhibition, I realised I never lost belief in art the way I did with politics. Moreover, I felt a renewed desire to write, an impetus to express myself that I hadn’t felt in some time, express myself about the art that I was seeing everyday, the impressions it made on me, that it keeps making on me. So here it is – The Art Blog. It’s all personal opinion, I’m not a professional art critique, but I am what you can call, an informed layman.  And above all, I am convinced that art has a purpose, a function and a value that all of us, in particular laymen, informed and uninformed, can appreciate. Voilà – that if you will, is the undelying belief that inspires my writing about art.

Happy reading! Oh, do send me an email if you wish. You can reach me at eva@sorlandsydland.com. I’m sure that email is available in a million places on this site but since I just set i t up, I’m not quite sure where yet.

Last but not least – should you wish to have a look at the non-art related things I’ve written, please visit Skriveriet.no